Photography and Home Sales

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Redfin, a real estate company recently did a scientific study that supports what many Realtors already know and that is the quality of the photographs of homes for sale is important.  The study actually showed that sellers got more money for their homes if they were marketed with professional quality photography.  

The study found that the high quality pictures were taken with DSLR cameras.  

Here is a quote from the study:

 ”Given this obvious upside, it is shocking that only 15.4% of homes in our data set were marketed using professional photography. The majority of listings, 80.9%, were photographed using point-n-shoot photography, and still another 0.7% used just a camera phone. Let’s not mince words: If you are not using professional photography to market your home, you are not really marketing your home.” [Redfin]

I could not have said it better myself. 

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4 Replies to “Photography and Home Sales”

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  2. You speak the truth! I’m frequently contacted by homeowners in Minneapolis who have had their homes on the market for months without selling. It’s pretty common when I look at their listing in the MLS that the pictures of their house are terrible. I’ve had clients re-list their homes with a new agent, at the same price but with great pictures and the house will sell sometimes in a matter of weeks.

  3. It is funny how many people work so hard to market themselves but overlook such an obvious (dare-I-say-it) glaring need for a professional presentation of a property. Intuitively, people know when they are looking at quality photography vs. standard point-n-shoot photos. A LOT can be done with a point-n-shoot camera and photos can be enhanced but still… Nothing like the real thing.

  4. So true about great photos. I’m amazed a the poor quality of photos some agents post on the internet of their clients homes. I’m amazed people still list their home with agent who take poor photos of their listings

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