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There are plenty of Realtors in the metro area.  Some are what I call “generic” Realtors and others are specialists.  I did a search for “St. Paul Real Estate” and found a ton of generic Realtors.  I looked at their web sites and they list every part of the seven county metro area as places where they do business and even specialize in.

I get around a bit myself but in general I work mainly in St. Paul and nearby West and South St. Paul and a little in the southern burbs.  I have sold homes in Minneapolis but I only really know part of the city and if I venture into the Western suburbs I get lost and I mostly can’t tell the difference between Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center.

The problem with being generic is that it is almost impossible to be a true expert on the entire metro area.   It takes time and experience to understand a neighborhood, housing styles and prices.  When I find a home on the MLS that is over priced I often check to see if it is listed by an out of town agent and often it is.

Last summer I worked with a couple of home buyers and was their second Realtor.  They liked the first one and they said that they thought he could do a good job but he was from a distant western suburb and kept getting lost in St. Paul and he didn’t have much to offer when they asked questions about our older homes and about St. Paul.

If you are interviewing a Realtor it might be a good idea to ask them if they have ever sold a home in St. Paul and to find out where they live and where their office is located.   If all of their listings are in Carver county they might not be the best person to sell your home in Highland Park.   There isn’t a shortage of Realtors and working with an agent who really knows the area and the housing will give you an edge when it comes to pricing a home correctly or negotiating an offer.

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One Reply to “Working with a specialist”

  1. Chuck Harris says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. In fact I’ve built a company around this concept. We identify the neighborhood specialists in the various communities throughout the Twin Cities based on their sales history, real estate experience and feedback from previous Minnesota clients.

    I’m glad to see you agree with the importance of using a real estate agent that specializes in a specific area. Many agents spread themselves too thin.

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