Keeping it Real for Saint Paul

Hiya. I took last Wednesday off, but your favorite guest blogger is back to tell you about two cool little Saint Paul resources.

First Item: Saint Paul Tweetup.

stpaultweetupBefore you get all mad and shriek “I don’t want to know anything about tweeter birds!” just hear me out. The group uses social media tools like Twitter and Eventbrite to get the word out about monthly meetups around the city, but the primary purpose of this group is to actually get people together in person to see if some good will come of it for friendship and for business and for Saint Paul.

So far, so good. I haven’t been to any of the gatherings yet, but I know T and Jack have, as have several casual friends from Twitter and some real-life friends from real life. It’s a growing group and it’s good for Saint Paul.

You can find the Saint Paul Tweetup folks at and #stptweetup.

Second Item: St Paul Spot.

It’s a website located at about the things happening around Saint Paul but what really caught my eye is the app available for it. Why this boosts my interest is because I’m often looking for stuff to do after I’m already out doing stuff. I just started playing with it, but it looks promising enough to promote. If you care about doing things and spending your personal dollars in Saint Paul, then you should load this one up on your mobile device.


Our city won’t thrive without homegrown effort. It wasn’t so long ago that Saint Paul supported two downtown shopping malls and University Avenue was full of merchants. I’m not suggesting that we need more malls or storefronts selling cars, but it isn’t impossible to think that our social interactions are a boon for the city. The resources and ingenuity are in place. It takes very little for us all to tap into it.

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