From Thanksgiving to January

The period from Thanksgiving to January can be agony for home sellers. It is the slow time of year for real estate sales and it is frustrating when your home is on the market and it isn’t getting many showings.  I looked back at some numbers and will project that home sales this holiday season will be slightly lower than last year at this time but only slightly lower. The numbers have been consistent for years.

Here is a chart of the number of home showings by month for the last two years.  Each time someone makes an appointment to see a home that is listed in the MLS it is done through a system called “book a showing” and they track how many homes are shown each month.  These are just showings not purchases but buyers usually see a home before they purchase it and there is a correlation between the number of buyer showings and home sales.


Showings and purchases were way up at the beginning of the year because if the home buyer tax credits.  Last year looks a little closer to normal with an up tick in showings and sales during the first and second quarters and a decrease in the third and fourth quarters.

If your home is on the market and no one came to take a look at it last week it was becasue of the holiday and it will be slow from Thanksgiving until January but your home has a better chance of selling in November or December if it is on the market than it will if you take it off and wait until January.

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