Black Friday 2010

Sale Price
Sale Price

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun.  Today is a special Friday because it is black Friday.  I have my own black Friday tradition.  I try not to leave the house. I like the idea of saving money it is just the shopping part that I don’t like.

We don’t advertise real estate specials or deals on black Friday and we really should so I am going to let everyone in on a secret. There are 1672 homes on the market in St. Paul, MN right now and you can buy any of them for less than the asking price, just give me a call and I will leave the house and make it happen.  I will be near the phone all day.  You won’t have to wait in a line and you can wait until after sunrise to make that offer.

Real estate really is the gift that keeps on giving and real estate sales are just as important to the economy as retail sales are.

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