June Home Sales for St. Paul, MN

I love numbers they tell a story.  Here are the for June 2010 by St. Paul neighborhood. The data used to make this table was complied from the data in the RMLS (regional multiple listing service), it is considered reliable but not guaranteed. The numbers are for all residential, single family homes, including town houses and condos listed in the MLS during the month of May 2010, in the city of St. Paul.


Average home prices went up since May 2010.  It could be because of the home buyer tax credits or it could be because home prices are generally a bit higher in June.   One month up or down doesn't mean much it is the trends that are important. One thing that jumps out at me is that this is the third month in a row that pending home sales are down and the number of pending sales is down dramatically from June 2009 when we had 424 pending sales.  I have to go back to August of 2008 to see average home prices at the level they were at last month.  The new wave of foreclosures are starting to hit the market. It will be interesting to see what July sales look like.

For more numbers . . and I have been at this awhile so they go back a few years see the Local Market Conditions and Home prices category.

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