It is an old city thing


If you are a regular reader you know that I like to shoot valves especially old rusty valves.  I get teased about it but that doesn't slow me down. This one is on Selby attached to the Blair Arcade building and it is possible that it is the best valve in all of St. Paul and as a bonus there is brown stone behind it and a fancy railing next to it.

I know I should be writing more about short sales and foreclosures but right now I would rather take a break from it all and write about valves.   Maybe it is a mindless distraction and we all need some distraction. If it ever stops raining and warms up again I will have to find some more valves but for now I will have to assume that the valve in the picture is the best that St. Paul has to offer and I challenge anyone to find a better specimen within the city limits.

Speaking of city things I found this in the country.  It is supposed to be a decoration I think.


I like living in the city.

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2 Replies to “It is an old city thing”

  1. Hi Teresa,
    We just wanted to pop in and tell you what a great job you are doing. We’ve been subscribed to your blog for what seems forever and are guilty of reading your blog from our email. Today, we just wanted to send some encouragement your way and let ya know we enjoy your articles. You are a great example for what real estate blogging should be.
    Joe and Colleen šŸ˜‰

  2. Oh wow, if I had a skull hanging on a barn near my house, I would pick city living too!

    The railing on that brownstone is awesome.

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