The New Fire House


This is the new fire house at 645 Randolph Avenue in St. Paul. It is going to replace two fire stations and I believe it is going to be the new HQ.  I see that our chief Tim Butler already changed his mailing address. They are partially moved in but don't seem to be using the station at this point.  It was supposed to be active last December but I know they ran into trouble when vandals stole the copper out of the place. 

I think the building is gorgeous and I can't wait to get inside of it. They have a pretty red firetruck sitting just inside.  I am going to see if I can get a tour or if there is some kind of grand opening event.  There should be it is a wonderful facility.


I should mention that the second photo is a picture of the firetruck.  Hard to photograph through the glass.  What were they thinking. :) 

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4 Replies to “The New Fire House”

  1. Hi

    Great furnished and they have a pretty red firetruck sitting just inside.

  2. Good post. It’s amazing how many realtors post complete junk. Some people spend zero time and effort on even the basic stuff like photography. Thanks for this amazing real estate blog.

  3. Gorgeous pictures, thank you for the share!

  4. That’s an awesome firetruck. The color is fabulous, maybe perfect for Christmas. 🙂

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