What to put away and what to leave out


I was in a home this weekend with a  decor was from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  It brought back some memories. The owners are really into collecting things and just about all the furniture has flowers on it as do the window treatments and wall paper borders.

Sometimes dated decor can reduce the value and saleability of a home.  I say sometimes because there are some things that are timeless but flowered wall paper is not one of them.  The owners lived in the home for more than 40 years and I understand why they might not want to take the time or go through the expense of redecorating but there is one thing they could have done  that wouldn’t have cost them any money and would have made the home more attractive to buyers.

They could have removed the family photos that were on every wall and put away the nick knacks that were every where. My clients liked the house but they spend a lot of time looking at the photos on the walls and kept commenting on the spoon collection, the plate collection and the statues, the paintings and every thing else.  It was hard  for them to stay on task and look at the house. It was hard for the potential buyers to imagine the rooms with their own furniture in them.

All the little treasures that have been collected over a life time and the family photos can make rooms look cluttered and they distract buyers.  They will need to be packed up for the big move any way.  Once they are gone it is easier for buyers to imagine the home with their own belongings in it. They need to have that mental picture before they can make an offer.

When I look at the room in the photo I can picture it decorated any number of ways. I can see the floors and the walls.  It is too sparse for most peoples taste but I would rather have a room be a little too sparse than cluttered. It is easier to imagine things in a room than it is to mentally take them out.

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One Reply to “What to put away and what to leave out”

  1. You are so right about the clutter, photos & nick knaks!

    When I show a house that has all that, it makes me think either the seller isn’t serious about moving, or the agent just isn’t doing her job!

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