Hither and Fro

by G. Sax (@gsax)

Downtown Saint Paul in OrangeHey, yo. I blew off my weekly guest post last week because I went to New York City for a real estate conference. It's the kind of conference Teresa would normally go to, but she skipped this one and was missed dearly.

Not by me, of course. We're like vinegar and water, us two. But this conference was teeming with her fans and friends. It's a trip to go to the most populous city in the country and get hung into conversations about Teresa Boardman. Same thing happened on the left coast in San Francisco last summer. The woman's got a way.

I don't really get it. And honestly I don't even know why she lets me sully her blog with my occasional sniping. Maybe it's because she appreciates the transparency of me because she, too, practices the art of "say what you mean and do what you say." Maybe it's because I'm earnest in my support for Saint Paul and for exceptional quality in local real estate practices. Maybe it's just because she needs a day off every now and then and I'm just the fool to blithely fill in.

And maybe it's because she knows I'm a good egg and I'm just teasing for humor and effect. Fridays may be for fun but a G. Sax Wednesday means a categorical "just for the heck of it."

I have this tendency to meander hither and fro in my topics, and I sometimes stomp on the things she's become known for both locally and nationally, like providing real estate statistics (I'm also good at this) and cool photos of Saint Paul (I'm not so good at this but I do it anyway). I mean well.

And I know she does, too, so I'm honored to pop in and ruffle things up and say hey, yo.

On a couple of side notes (remember, I meander):

1) My trip to New York reminded me just how wonderful public transportation can be, even here in the land of I-496949694. When I got back to MSP, I made it a point to use public transportation to get to my front door. Two buses, one transfer, $2.25. We may not be DC, NYC, or SF, but Metro Transit is pretty clean and efficient.

2) Support downtown Saint Paul over the next couple of weeks, okay? The Saint Paul Winter Carnival starts tomorrow. There are great parades the next two Saturdays. Buy a button and get discounts on all sorts of good stuff. And take a look at those buttons this year. (Plug alert) The Saint Paul Bouncing Team is featured on one of them! I'm the President of the team this year, so it's a terrific honor for me personally. Look for us on local television tomorrow morning (WCCO, FOX, and KARE!), in the parades, and at the Landmark Center for our annual tryouts on January 29. Many people consider us an integral part of the city's fabric. I'd like to think so.

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