Weather, Part 3

by G. Sax

What's it like out there?


The photo answers that question, at least of late. The weather's always a topic of conversation around these parts because the weather's constantly changing. I feel compelled to write about the local weather, because I was away from the area long enough to realize us Minnesotans are not like everywhere else.

Oh, sure, people talk up the humidity in the mid-Atlantic or the dry heat in Phoenix. Lake effect snow comes up in the Great Lakes, and you can't ignore tornado season in the Great Plains or hurricane season on the Gulf Coast. But I haven't experienced the year-round fascination with temperature and precipitation and heat index and wind chill and barometric pressure and cold snaps and warm-ups as much as I have right here in the Twin Cities.

In California, it's hard to get too excited about the weather when most everyday is the same as yesterday. You just put on your shoes in the morning and go back out into another beautiful day. You might bring an umbrella in winter, but even then it's mostly to accessorize.

We're so lucky to have four (or more) distinct seasons here. Not only does it give us an excuse to have more clothes in bigger closets; not only does it allow us to express our whinery at the first drop of sweat or first hint of numbness; not only does it give us a reason to reach out and talk to our neighbor; not only does it stir us to do wacky things like snowmobile to our favorite lunch spot, dig for hidden medallions in the snow, or leave our comfortable homes for the pleasures of rustic cabins and tents around campfires; but I think it helps us live a little bit longer.

And that completes my weather trilogy. I didn't intend to give it so much Internet ink, but the oppressive heat of the last few days caught my attention and forced me to act. Like the weather.

Lift-bridge As a personal aside, I'd like to thank all my real estate friends and colleagues for their support while I was training for my first marathon.

I'm back and intact from Duluth. I finished Grandma's Marathon in 4:50:33 in what many veterans said was the hottest race-day run they had ever been a part of. It was 80 degrees before 8 a.m.

I loved every minute of it.

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  1. G. Sax,

    Congrats on the huge marathon accomplishment šŸ™‚ Very impressive. Weather in Green Bay Wisconsin is somewhat similiar to the Minnesota area. We also have 4 very unique seasons.

    I always wondered what it would be like to live in California and have the same beautiful weather everyday. Maybe some day i’ll know.

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