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by G. Sax

Lots of words over the past few posts. Wordliness has generally been my domain, so I'm going to go opposite this week. I liked the part about free in Teresa's last post. Let's sequel it, shall we? I'm so about free, it's become a lifestyle choice as much as a financial necessity.

People got to make a living, but if the resources, technology, and know-how are there or at least not-so-hidden behind a blog page, Twitter feed, or wiki entry, what are you waiting for?

It's like water. For some ridiculous reason, I bought into the bottled water craze for the first five years of the 2000s. Enough of all that. Tap, baby.

Books. Sorry big box Barnes & Noble and Borders, but buddy boy's getting his books at the 'brary (if he's even getting books at all).

Newspapers. Sorry Star Tribune and Pioneer Press, but the Rocky Mountain News is the first of many.

Exercise. Dogwalking over treadmilling. Round-the-lake jogs over TV-and-a-stairstepper.

Music. No more packaging in my house.

Furnishings. Craigslist castoffs.

Clothing. Thrift.

Houses…I haven't learned how to get those for free yet, but the other day I got a call from a local reporter who was very interested in breaking down expenses associated with a traditional real estate transaction. I don't want to get into all that, but it comes up in my REALTOR® association work ALL THE TIME.

Swan Maybe I'll learn more about how to get me a free house from Stefan Swanepoel today. Swanepoel is a bona fide real estate guru who speaks all over the place about what's what in housing, particularly from the vantage point of his annual Real Estate Trends Report.

Stefen Swanepoel also has a spectacular mustache. I put his mustache on a swan for your (my?) enjoyment, because I can't help myself.

Pictures of Stefen Swanepoel are free on the Internet. Pictures of swans are free. The version of Photoshop I run on the laptop I'm using to write this post was free. I got this laptop for free. Blogging on TypePad, the St. Paul Real Estate Blog's platform, is free. I wrote this article for free.

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3 Replies to “Free | Associate”

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  2. Laura Cannon says:

    Great post! Reading great blogs like this one is also free! thanks! and great swan. I love it!

  3. Laura Cannon (awesome name by the way): Thank you for commenting. I know a lot of people lurk on this site, but a few! happy! statements! inject an extra smackeral of motivating all the same. Although I suspect you are somehow a spam front, I will use your mention of SEO to parrot a great comment today from Swanepoel that ANYONE can become an SEO expert. It just takes a little bit of Internet reading and execution, and you, too, can get a 5 PR Google score (look it up). Cool site alert:

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