Do we ever really know what time it is?

It is Friday again and Friday's are for fun.  This weekend we get to set our clocks one hour ahead because of daylight savings time.  Saving time is a concept I don't get, I tend to use up time there is not point in saving it.  Time does not earn interest and today is just as important as tomorrow.

The time change will cause some confusion because last fall I set some of the clocks back an hour but not all of them. Every morning when I wake up and look at the clock I have to mentally add an hour.  It is a good thing it keeps my math skills sharp. 

I have been thinking about time travel lately. There is a one hour time difference in my home from the second floor to the first. Sort of like two time zones.   My office on the first floor is one hour ahead of my bedroom on the second floor so every morning I gain 58 minutes, and 30 seconds during my 90 second commute from bed to office, which includes a stop at the coffee pot.

If I walk from the microwave to the coffee pot I lose a minute even though they are only a few feet apart.  When I go from my office to my car I lose 7  minutes even though my car is parked just outside my office door, but I gain it back again  when  I go from my car to my office, which is nice.

I enjoy time travel but have not figured out how to take advantage of it.  I could always use more time.  My husband has suggested that I simply set all the clocks in the house and in my car to the same time.  His idea has merit but there are so many clocks. It seems like everything comes with a built in clock and for some strange reason I wear a watch too. 

If I ever figure out how to set the clocks and get them all to the same time I might just do it. I have a feeling I would lose time working on a project of that magnitude and am probably better off forever traveling through time.   We never really know what time it is anyway.

Have a great weekend.  I hope you have plenty of time for fun, if not just set your watch or phone back a couple of hours and go for it.

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