Tis the Season – or will be soon

poinsettia Right after the holidays I start getting calls from people who want to move. For some of them the move will be because of a divorce or a break up with a partner. They wait until after the holidays and then begin making plans.

Some will want to buy another house. I call it a rebound house. Please think before you buy the rebound house because it is the home  purchased shortly after a  divorce or the break-up of a long term relationship. The rebound homes that are purchased don't always work out in the long run.  Go out and rent an apartment and give yourself some time before taking the plunge.  When choosing a rental, take care and do your homework.

During break ups people often look at their move as moving away from something or someone. It might be best to think in terms of moving toward something like a new life. Where do you want to be?  Where do you see yourself in five years? If there is no mental picture then making a long term commitment like buying a home is not the best choice.

I have listed homes for a few woman who bought the  home shortly after a break up.  In each case they felt they owned if for a short time and felt they had  made a mistake.  They did not look at enough homes, they got themselves in over their heads financially, or they just paid too much for what they bought because they wanted to get on with their lives and in their haste failed to do their homework.

Buying a home is a big step, please wait until you are ready to make a big decisions.  

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6 Replies to “Tis the Season – or will be soon”

  1. Wow – that SO explains why every January it seems I start getting lots of dates, only to get dumped in May.

    That due diligence thingy.

  2. teresa boardman says:

    Laughing. Trying to be careful what I say. Thinking you should enjoy the next five months and make the most out of them. LOL

  3. I’ve joked with friends that sometimes it seems that I have a big “D” on my forehead. I seem to attract new or recently divorced buyers/sellers. I would have to say that most of the gals have known exactly what they want and have already “moved on” mentally so they do OK. The guys tend to be more uncertain and make hasty decisions. Interesting in that gender difference.

  4. Teresa, you know my story and you were a wonderful realtor at the time I was trying to sell my “rebound” property. Actually I didn’t try to sell this time of year (it was summer) but I definitely walked into a real estate decision I wish I’d waited to make until 1-2 years after my divorce. Rushing into it, thinking “I need to have _something_ that is mine” was an emotional move rather than a logical one. I still loved that little townhome while it was mine but it was a real hassle (have you recovered yet?) to work with my bank on a short sale only three years after I bought it.

    Good advice!

  5. Ciao and greetings from Italy, I am Mario a Realtor from Rome, grazie for posting such interesting information, for me is appropriate as now the Real Estate thinking is the same similar situation in Europe and indeed very relevent to the Real Estate at this moment Market here in Italy.

  6. So that is why the Rental market picks up after the holidays. We are staff and ready for it this year. Bring it on.

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