Sokol Celebrates 125 years

Sokol Minnesota is celebrating 125 years of service to the Czech-Slovak community.  Sokol served Czech-Slovak immigrants who settled here more than 100 years ago.  They started as a kind of insurance agency where they pooled their resources to help each other during hard times.   

Members of Sokol Minnesota have gathered in St. Paul for 125 years for Czech language or cooking classes, folk dances or just to sing the Czech songs they learned as kids. A way of remembering a culture. Visit the Sokol Minnesota web site for more information about what Sokol has to offer.

We sometimes forget that we all come from immigrant families. My family migrated here in the 1850’s.  My Great Uncle had a business on West 7th street, he was a doctor and he owned a pharmacy.  Sokol was an important part of his life.  St. Paul has a rich history and there are many institutions that have been around for a century or more.

The building s located on West 7th street and is on the Minnesota register of historic places, and is also home of the Glokenspiel, a German resturant.

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One Reply to “Sokol Celebrates 125 years”

  1. Great article, yes we all need to remember our roots, and honor our history. Part of my family emigrated to Northern Minnesota in the late 1700’s from France, and Austria, after having spent quite a number of years in what is now Canada.

    Keep up the great work, I love your Saint Paul real estate blog. I come back often to see what is going on. I still have lots of friends there in Saint Paul & Minneapolis, and I miss them.

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