2031 Opportunities

The number of vacant registered building in St. Paul continues to grow. Currently, there are 2031 registered vacant buildings in St. Paul.  Most of the buildings are single family homes and Duplexes.  No one knows how many vacant homes there are that are not registered.  Some of the registered homes are for sale.  Many need repairs.  Some don’t appear to be salvageable as the city has cited them for numerous code violations and it simply costs more than the structures are worth to do everything that the city thinks should be done.  Some have been on the books for years, they just sit vacant, and the owner registers them every year. Will they sit empty forever?  The owners do pay taxes and there is no law that says the property has to be used or occupied.

Having a problem with a vacant property? Follow this link the complaint department.

Are vacant houses a problem?  What is it like to live next door to a vacant house?  Would you but the house next door if it were for sale?

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5 Replies to “2031 Opportunities”

  1. What do the different categories listed with the vacant buildings mean?

  2. The city reorganized the web site so I can’t find a link but there are three categories of registered vacant buildings. category 1 buildings have no code violations, category 2 buildings have a code violation and category 3 have multiple code violations and can not be occupied until they are remedied. follow this link to get answers to specific questions: http://www.stpaul.gov/index.asp?NID=1090

  3. Seems like a lot of vacant homes. In Tucson we also have “some” and I don’t know the exact number however I know its not a number as large as this. I’m surprised St Paul doesn’t have major tax benefits or something to developers/ owners to redevelop or rehab these properties.

  4. Yah, seems like a high number to me, but then again Saint Paul is not a small city. Some cities have imposed higher property taxes for homes and buildings which sit vacant for more than 2 years. Wonder if Saint Paul is considering that.

  5. […] know that the number of registered vacant building
    has been going down since September of 2008 when we peaked at 2031
    registered vacant buildings.  As of January 3, 2011 there
    are 1459 registered vacant buildings in St. Paul.   That
    is […]

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