Victoria Park

There are now "for rent" signs on the front of the townhouses at Victoria Park.  They started building these in 2005, when local home prices hit their peek and the demand for townhouses was high.  I never thought I would see for rent signs on them.  The neighborhood and the city of St. Paul worked for a decade to get this development going.  If it had been started a few years earlier things would have been very different for the development and the neighborhood.  I can’t find the units listed on the MLS but am assuming that they are still for sale. Google doesn’t seem to have the answers, and there are no updates on the district council site for the neighborhood, but that isn’t unusual. 

There are some for sale signs on the property advertising the availability of commercial lots.

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2 Replies to “Victoria Park”

  1. Teresa, thanks for the post. I too find it amazing how a development starts out and we think it is going to just blow up, and then all you see are the rent signs. it is just another sign the the values were and are still over inflated.

  2. […] of the biggest disappointments to me is the failure of the Victoria Park project which was slated to be the biggest single housing development ever to be built in St. Paul.  […]

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