Porkys a St. Paul Tradition


Porkys Drive-In, located at 1890, University Ave. W., St. Paul, MN has been a St. Paul institution since 1953.   Possibly the last true drive-in resturant in St. Paul.  I know the first Sonic in the twin cities opened in St. Paul, a couple of weeks ago but I don’t think it is quite the same.  It amazes me how some businesses live on, and become a kind of tradition.  If you have never been to Porkys at least stop by and get some onion rings, even the smell of them cooking is worth the visit.


Porkys is very crowded in the evening during the summer months.  The night I took this picture the lot was full and  every table in the outside seating area was taken. 

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2 Replies to “Porkys a St. Paul Tradition”

  1. I have family that recently moved up there and i will have them check that out. I can guarantee that its not the same as Sonic. Being from Tulsa, Sonic is like McDonalds and they are every where and aren’t that good.

  2. marvin anderson says:

    Hey, sometime in the spring or early summer of 09, the Porkys menu changed. Changing right along with it, was the taste and quality of the food. In my opinion, Porkys is absolutely nothing to brag about now. The burgers are dry, the buns are also dry and tasteless. Gone is the wonderful smell and flavor of the original burgers and if you ask for some additional Porkys sauce, they’ll tell you in no uncertian terms “take em like you get em”. Been going there since ’56, but times change, not always for the better. Gonna be a big surprise to the car fanatics that come from all over during the summer. Bye bye, Piggy, been good to know ya.

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