8 Replies to “First shots of xcel stack demolition”

  1. That’s pretty freaky – that the stack fell sideways instead of down (I’m sure they planned it that way). I’ve been dying to film a building demo here….maybe I’ll get one one of these days.

  2. Wow wonderful shots and a great way to preserve history. Looked like the people were pretty close and the cloud of dust was going to cover them.

  3. I am still eating dust. It started raining or I would still be breathing it two.

  4. I was watching from the roof of my building and was wondering what everyone was doing so close to the site – People were even in the High Bridge for pete’s sake. When it fell and the cloud formed, I wondered if people would scatter before it got to them. Nope, I watched as everyone on the bridge was swallowed by the debris cloud. YUK!

  5. Bud – I saw it coming, took a picture and ran to my house, was about two feet ahead of the cloud. The wind shifted just enough so that it did not directly hit the house. Would not have wanted to be on the bridge but was near the base of it on Cliff street.

  6. The toppling tower is cool — but the “shake” in your Real Estate Show was awesome!!

  7. Hi

    What happened?
    Why do you not follow my instruction?

  8. Maybe they forgot the instruction.

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