Buildings, and Bike Paths

Condo's on the River

We used to be able to see the river from the river bluff.  These days we see Condos.  I miss the old view.  They did add some lovely green space and on the river side there are miles and miles of bike trails.  Now that Gasoline is so expensive, I plan to spend part of the weekend on the bike trails.

Start Seeing Photographers

I call this photo bike VS. Photographer.  I guess if he would have run over me I would have been able to get a good shot of what he looked like.  The paths are beautiful and many of them are split with one side for walking and the other for bikes. 

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4 Replies to “Buildings, and Bike Paths”

  1. Michael Citron says:

    Teresa, Sweet Photos! You capture really colorful and rich photographs. May I ask what camera do you use? I have been looking for the “perfect” camera for real estate. Maybe your insight could lead me to the best for my business. I really am looking for a camera that I can take wide range and deep photos, similar-looking to the virtual tour-style photos. I appreciate your input and your Blog Rocks!

  2. Teresa Boardman says:

    Thanks Michael. I use two cameras, a Panasonic lumix point and shoot with a wide angle lens and a Canon digital rebel. The pictures in this post were taken with the rebel, with a wide angle lens, the same equipment I use for property shots. The lumix is great because it is small and has a stabilizer in it. I can shoot from a moving care at 60+ miles and hour and still get a nice shot. It is easy to use, the Canon is a digital SLR camera so there is more of a learning curve but I can also do more with it and take most of my shots in manual mode where I have total control over the settings.

  3. Michael Citron says:

    Thanks Teresa! How much did you spend on the Canon and the extra wide-angle lens and where did you purchase? I am a novice when it comes to digital photography and typically leave it to the pros to photograph my listings for $60 per house, but I want to start taking the photos myself. Thanks again for your time.

  4. anthony c says:

    Hopefully your own shadow does not appear in the photos you take of properties, like it did in this one. Ouch.

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