They can get away


It happens all the time.   I don’t think people believe me when I say if you want the house you need to make an offer.  Some buyers like to wait until the price goes down a bit.  The price may go down tomorrow or in six months or someone may buy the home today.    If the home is over priced, offer less.  When the price does go down sometimes several buyers will make an offer.  It is a buyers market but not all houses are equal and some go in a hurry. 

Every year I have  clients who need to miss out on at least one home before this all makes sense.

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8 Replies to “They can get away”

  1. Fun photo filter – not so fun situation.

    When we bought our house it had been on the market for a crazy 13 months at the time that the market was lively. We hemmed and hawed for a couple weeks and when we finally made an offer so did someone else. Although we got the house, it did change the negotiation field.

    Good advice.

  2. Teresa Boardman says:

    Lucie – I wanted to show a house in motion and that is what I came up with.

    The situation you outline is exactly what I am talking about. With my clients I walk a delicate line. I don’t want to push but I know the truth about houses and that they can be snatched up by someone else. I have witnessed the heart break during the after math many times.

  3. Its so true. So what it means for me is that I need to find then TWO houses they love.

  4. Teresa Boardman says:

    Greg – so true. Funny though it always seems to work out that they end up with a house they love. I like to say everything happens fro a reason but a percentage of my clients roll their eyes when I make that statement. šŸ™‚

  5. So true. Just make the offer. And if they don’t except and you 2 can’t negotiate on a agreeable price, then just wait 30-45 days and submit the same offer if it’s your best offer and you really want the house.

    Why? People’s situations change all the time. You want to be there when it does.

  6. Teresa – I used to be a little more diplomatic about all this, but we’ve seen this happen enough that we’ve taught our buyer agents to say this: “Do you want to buy the home of your dreams, or do you want to choose from the market leftovers?” Yes, I know it sounds corny and scripted and all that, but by golly, sometimes we need a wake-up call, like that “coulda had a V8 ad”, you know?

  7. There are still neighborhoods and price ranges in my area that are red hot, ie homes are flying off the market and buyers are competing. I think buyers think I’m using a tired sales pitch when I urge them to write or it will be gone. Losing the home they wanted is a tough way to learn the market!

  8. Even in our current market I and several of my colleagues have been involved in transactions with multiple offers. I think that is hard for Buyers to believe right now. Years ago in a “normal” market, before I was a Realtor, I lost out on 2 homes in one weekend due to multiple offers and that is not a happy place to be.
    -I also believe everything happens for a reason

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