No one is out to get you


Real estate transactions are about people.  For most people their home is the most expensive thing they ever purchase.  It isn’t just a building either, where we live is an important part of life.

Even though purchasing a home is a business transaction emotions run high.  We try to anticipate problems and do everything that we can to minimize the stress.  Part of my job is to remain detached from the emotions so that I can help my clients. 

Over the years I have learned that there are two ways of looking at problems or misunderstanding that sometime arise between buyers and sellers.  Some people assume that if things go wrong the other party in the transaction are out to get them or trying to take advantage of them.  For people who have that kind of an outlook everything that happens seems like some kind of a slight or a conspiracy.

Buyers and sellers are people and they can make mistakes or simply misunderstand the other party.  Purchase agreements are in writing but there are sentences and paragraphs,  written by well meaning experienced Realtors that can be misunderstood.  There is not a lot of room for creativity when writing a real estate contract.  I have seen addendum’s that don’t really say anything.  I never assume that the other party is trying to trick my clients.  I just ask questions until it all makes sense, and ask to have the document re-written so that there is no misunderstanding.

The people who have the easiest time buying or selling a home are those who do not  assume that the buyer or seller is the enemy.   A real estate transaction does not have to be an adversarial situation.  Both parties can leave the closing table satisfied with the outcome, and in most cases it does work that way. Buyers and sellers make it harder for us all when they start seeing the other party or their agent as the enemy.

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2 Replies to “No one is out to get you”

  1. Why can’t we all just be friends? Buyers and Sellers (and their agents) should remember that we are all working towards the same common goal; the successful Close of Escrow.

  2. we can’t all be friends because not all people are friendly or professional.

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