Art Crawl


This weekend was Lowertown’s annual Art Crawl. If you’re not familiar with this event, it happens every six months and is a time when artists throughout Lowertown open their studios (often their houses, too!) so that they can show off their work.

Friday April 25, 6-10 pm – Sat April 26, 2-10 pm – Sun April 27,   noon-5 pm

What is remarkable about the arts community in Lowertown isn’t just the size.  At an estimated 1,200 artists in only a few blocks, it is the highest concentration of artists west of the Mississippi.  And that’s why they can have an event like the Art Crawl, which draws tens of thousands of people.  But even more remarkable than that is the effect it has on all of Lowertown.

For all the artists, they still only make up about 20% of the total population of Downtown.  But they bring the cache, the hip, the cool, that makes the other renovated warehouses chic and desirable.  Events like the Art Crawl only serve to reinforce the idea that the neighborhood is just where you want to be seen.


The painting is on the third floor of the Rossmor building at 500 N. Robert, the Rossmor is one of the buildings participating in the spring art crawl.

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