Fun the First Time

This is the first Friday fun post I ever wrote, and I wrote it because Friday’s are for fun.  It has become a tradition on this blog and on several other real estate blogs.

Friday Fun

Unitedstatesmap Could you pass the third grade?

I’ll be honest, I took this geography quiz last weekend and did not pass the test after three tries.  My husband did it easily, he was like a machine, so I know it can be done.

Click on the link, and take a timed test.  How fast can you put the names of the states where they belong?

Have a happy Friday!

I sometimes write guest posts for other blogs.  Today I made a guest appearance on the Our St. Paul Blog, just for fun.  I know the people who write it and one of them lives in my house.  I forget his name but he sits at the computer next to mine.  Too bad he does not uses instant messaging or twitter, if he did it sure would be easier to stay in touch. . . not sure what we could possibly have to say to each other that we have not already said but who knows.

What is in the post is true.  I don’t hurl lightening bolts too often from mount bloggious, only when I need to because neither real estate or real estate blogs are for wimps


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2 Replies to “Fun the First Time”

  1. Thanks for the fun. I too have failed 🙁

  2. It took a couple tries, but I passed the geography test. My third grader is so proud!

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