More Than Fresh Grounds

Using coffee shops as short term offices works well in my job.  I can find a coffee shop that is convenient for my clients and most have internet access.   I like to use the small neighborhood coffee shops.  They are some how friendlier and if I go to the same place often enough they get used to letting me run a tab instead of charging my clients for coffee.  I have written about a few of our local coffee shops.
I have written quite a few offers on homes at Fresh Grounds on West 7th, and have had meetings with clients and colleagues.   Starting in about April they did some serious decorating and upgrading.  I like it because the coffee is good, today I was cold and had hot chocolate with a shot of espresso, I guess it was my lunch.  They have real food too. It is always warm inside and they have enough electrical outlets so that I can plug my laptop in if I want to.  They have some pretty comfortable chairs and couches and excellent lighting.

Fresh Grounds is run by a non-profit, RS Eden.  It is part of a job training program for at risk youth.  It is run using a self supporting business model.   Employees learn job skills so that they can become self sufficient and employers have a source for professionally trained employees.  Check it out some time.  When you buy coffee you are making it possible for someone to get job training, and I think that is why the coffee tastes so good. 

Fresh Grounds, located at Seventh Landing 1360 West 7th Street St. Paul, MN 55102, it is on the South side of West 7th just East of Otto by the Victoria Park development.

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3 Replies to “More Than Fresh Grounds”

  1. love it love it love it! I think all coffee shops should set up wifi (if they don’t already have it) AND PRINTERS!!! That’s the only thing stopping them from being perfect! I love your photos – looks like the coffee shops you enjoy and warm, comfy and inviting! It almost makes me wish I drank coffee…

  2. Tell me if I’m wrong here, but that sure looks like “red shirt” sitting over there!

  3. Teresa Boardman says:

    Scoot – he does look familiar and was not in the original picture. you are right, he does look like the “red shirt” guy

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