4 Replies to “A 10 Year View of Local Real Estate”

  1. Is it really possible that average home sales more than doubled in ten years? That’s average, not median, right? Are homes really more valuable overall, or is the average just being pulled up by a few over-the-top expensive homes?


  2. Stephen – the average did go up. It was pulled up by expensive homes and dragged down by inexpensive homes, that is why I like to use averages. They really are more valuable. I can look at what someone paid for a home 10 years ago and sell it for much more today if it is still in good condition. My own home more than doubled in the past 10 years, it trippled.

  3. Patient Buyer says:

    I’m gonna leave this one alone – before I become a broken record.

    At this point I would like the record to show only that I wish to make the distinction between price and value, and that it is possible for them to move opposite each other, price going down, value going up, and the reverse as well.

    -The artist formerly known as Patient Buyer

  4. Patient Buyer – you did say value you not price. I am used to looking at value as the price someone will pay for a home at a point in time. I know there are other ways of looking at it. . . hmmmm artist? šŸ™‚

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