Ups, and Downs, Listings Vs. Sales

Numbers, you have to love them, or maybe not.  The data used to make the chart above was taken from the Regional MLS, it is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.  I am also reliable, but not guaranteed, as we all know there are few guarantees in life.

Listing Vs. Sales for the city of St. Paul.  I have tracked these numbers for each week through out the year.  The numbers on the left side of the chart represent the number of homes.  The red line represents the number of homes listed each week and the blue line represents the number of homes that were for sale and got offers on them.

I have talked about dips before.  There is a dip in the chart when there are storms, or holidays.  The dip for November was caused by Thanksgiving.  Listing and sales activity were both low that week followed by an up tick the following week.

The number of homes being put on the market is leveling out, and so is the number of home sales each month.   The total inventory of homes on the market has gone down.   Last month 441 listings were canceled, or they expired.  Some were put back on the market and others were not.  I will have some better numbers on sales and prices in St. Paul, MN early next week.

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