Grain Elevators For My Thief

I am dealing with a thief who is taking the content from my blog and from several other blogs.  It took some time but I managed to change a few file names and as a result he is displaying some graphics on his blog that he may not like.  This post will end up on his blog too because he has not stopped yet.  I am going to post some pictures of grain elevators, and will write another post later today when I have the situation under control.   This post and the pictures are the Property of The St. Paul Real Estate Blog .  You know it is true, who else takes pictures of grain elevators?

P1020749 IMG_2584 IMG_2590

These are located just off of Shepard Road at Randolph Avenue.  (Hint if you are not seeing grain elevators it is because you are reading this content from a blog that steals content)

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19 Replies to “Grain Elevators For My Thief”

  1. Rock on Teresa. I don’t understand what these blogs get out of stealing our posts.

  2. Teresa – Go get em! 🙂 Lazy Bloggers….

  3. Way to go. I actually searched for “a blog that steals content” to see if the whole thing was republished already. Maybe the jerk needs a few hours. lol! I really like your use of the grain elevators. Hilarious.

    I discovered, thanks to you, that this dirty little trick is called “splogging,” and accounts for half of the blogs (“splogs”) out there. (see link below)

    Also appreciated the tissue and “give them a hug” suggestion.

  4. Yes they are splogs, they exist just to sell ads. My content has been removed but I am still helping some friends have theirs removed.

    Mary – they make money from our content by selling ads. The particular site I am fighting is selling homegain ads.

    Lazy bloggers yup. stealing is a great short cut for the lazy and the unimaginative.

  5. Congratulations are due to you for your diligence Teresa. This blogging is hard work, and takes an extraordinary effort for some of us! I found an agent who had stolen some pages from my website and sent a “hey, knock it off” letter…the content was down the next day…but not even an apology.

  6. Lisa – send out a few cease and desist letters every month. It isn’t always that easy. Sometime there is no email address or the thief is doing it from a foreign country. Last week I had a bad one but got help from both Google and Technorati.

  7. lol. That’ll learn ’em!

  8. You get ’em girl. It’s unbelievable the nerve of some people!!!

  9. This is one of the best resources I have found to help deal with sploggers. I’ve used these tactics a couple of times with success.

    Sorry I can’t post html, but it’s here –

  10. Thanks Jim. I had a very creative solution and was able to stop a thief, I rearranged some of my files and he ad some really bad graphics on his site becasue of it. 🙂 I had a lot of fun.
    Check it out. I have done all of the things listed in the post and recently succeeded in getting one sploggers ad sense account shut down. I write a lot of cease and desist letter and that alone usually works

  11. Yeah, your way is much more fun. 🙂

  12. Thanks Jim. I had a lot of fun. I was still laughing when I went to bed last night.

  13. You’re my hero. :o)

  14. Thanks cooper. You are my sister I think. 🙂

  15. T, have you filed a DMCA notice? Depending on the host, it might just shut the whole thing down.

    It’s a pain, but oh-so-satisfying when the bozo no longer exists.

  16. Thanks Jay. Last time I checked no one was taking my content. One of the sites is still stealing from other sites and yes I am working on a DMCA notice and have sent an email as well. For the last tow days I have been notifying re-bloggers all over the country that their content is being stolen. The continent gets taken down when they complain, the thief acts all innocent and then goes an replaces it with someone elses stolen content. I beleive I can get the site shut down. I will crop up on another network but if I find it I will do the same thing again and there are some people who are more than willing to help. . . it is cutting into my blogging time. 🙂

  17. Way to go Teresa. We put a lot of time, effort and soul into our blogs…Good Luck!!!

  18. Congrats on successfully putting a stop to his antics! It’s official, though he evidently still doesn’t know the definition of an apology.

  19. The splogger also left Active Rain

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