Local Market Snap Shot

Sellers says:  I want my home sold as quickly as possible.

Buyers say: We are in no hurry.

Seller says:  I need $$$$$$ for my home.

Buyers say:  The homes are all over priced.

Seller says:  My home has been on the market for awhile now, people are looking at it, why isn’t any one buying it?

Buyers say:  Maybe we should wait until spring.  We just don’t know what to do.

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2 Replies to “Local Market Snap Shot”

  1. Oh yes…..should we dance to the music?

  2. If I may add…

    Seller says: But my neighbor sold his for $$$$$$ less than two years ago.

    Buyer says: There are plenty of houses to choose from, and the longer we wait the more choices we’ll have.

    Agent says: Do you have the number to that truck driving school we saw advertised on TV? I may need that.

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