Property flipping

This post was first written last year.  Some things have changed since then, and somHouselefte have not.

Property Flipping

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What is property flipping?
Property “flipping” occurs when a property is resold for a considerable profit at an artificially inflated price shortly after being acquired by the seller.  – This is a different definition than the one used by book publishers, television producers and some web sites.

Illegal flipping – If it makes me rich quick, how could it be illegal?  What about all those books and web sites about flipping?  Could flipping ever be a bad thing?  Should I be afraid to say FBI on the internet?

Flipping far from easy – No way, I have seen the infomercials and read the books, and the web sites, it is easy! Houseupside

Flip your house without losing your shirt – wow!  you mean I could lose something? 

Selling books about property flipping is so lucrative that the writers don’t have to flip properties to get rich, or maybe it is so easy that the flipper has plenty of time to write.  The web site even talks about 7 deadly sins.  Make sure the children are out of the room when you visit this web site.

Not sure what this guy is selling but it must be something.  You really should visit the web site because it says “Here Are 17 Good Reasons Why You’d Better Check This Out Now Or Risk Really Missing Out And Kicking Yourself Later” If you don’t have time to visit the web site PLEASE make sure you remove your shoes before you kick yourself.

Be a bird dog? This is about getting rich with no money, credit or experience.  Gee making big bucks off of real estate is just so easy everyone should do it!

Shortly after writing this post I found a “cheese free” real estate investors blog.  ThisHousert one is worth a look. (blog isn’t there any more but it was a good blog in it’s day)

Be careful out there!

This article was nominated for the magnificent 7 – A contest being held on the Real Estate Undressed Blog.   - Note the post did not win a Mag 7 award, but it was fun to write and worthy of a re-run. 

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  1. Nice creative post, and alot of thought has gone into this. I would also say property flipping also requires money well investing on renovations, and of course location. But having a nice budget to do renovations gives alot of incentive to pay more next time around you go to flip. Overall good post!

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