Dinosaurs Roam St. Paul




They’ve been prepped, primped, and polished by local artists, and now the dinosaurs have hit the town! 2007 is the Science Museum’s 100th anniversary, and in honor of that milestone, dinosaur statues are popping up all over the Twin Cities as part of the Diggin’ Dinos summer celebration Read more

Photos were taken along Kellogg Blvd between the River Center and Wabasha Bridge.  If you are visiting St. Paul this summer be sure to stop at the Science Museum of Minnesota. 

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2 Replies to “Dinosaurs Roam St. Paul”

  1. Cool! I have only seen the dino by the Stone Arch Bridge, in my neighborhood. I”ll try to hunt down (er, find!) the others now.


  2. I love these pics! A few years ago we had cows all over downtown Portland Oregon. It was great fun searching around town to locate them all. Our Art Museum kept one and a few of the local businesses purchased them as well so every once in a while you will still stumble upon them. Great Fun!

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