Who asked for Zillow?


Zillow is the web site with a huge percentage of our homes on it.  They have information about the homes and of course the Zestimate of value.  Now Zillow has added some features where the general public can talk about your home.  It used to be that the neighbors would talk but mostly behind the scenes, now we can all go on line and dish.

Anyway my point here is that a home over in California asked to have his home removed from Zillow, I took a screen shot of the request and of Zillow’s response:


So for people who don’t want their home talked about or listed on Zillow, good luck with that. Information about your home is public through the tax records, now conversations about your home will also be public. Stay tuned for more on this subject in a future post, complete with the long list of links to other posts on the subject.   

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8 Replies to “Who asked for Zillow?”

  1. Brilliant. I can’t wait to play around with this. I’d love to see more of web2.0 and real estate.

  2. Josh,
    I agree. Is your home on Zillow? Are people saying anything about it? Is the Zestimate pretty close to the actual value?

  3. It will be interesting how the move from objective to more subjective data changes people’s perception of Zillow.

  4. Doesn’t David have an account on Active Rain where he likes to speak anytime someone brings up Zillow? You should post this on the Rain and see if he makes a response.

  5. Hi Jennifer 😉

    Josh –

    Ed –
    Great point; that will be a fascinating evolution to watch as qualitative data becomes more common on Zillow. Real estate is interesting in that both hard facts about houses and the soft emotional attachment we have with our homes are equally interesting.

    Teresa –
    Are you stalking me? 😉

  6. David – you are on my blog. I think you are stalking me. I am thinking that Josh doesn’t have his home on Zillow.

  7. That owner that was refused will now go tell his friends and neighbors of his zillow experience and that’s how “word of mouth” hurts you.

  8. JF – I still think you need a haircut, but, David G says that there are 10,000 people who have requested that their home be put in Zillow. So he claims more people want their home in than out. I would suspect that if one person wanted his home in and 10,000 wanted their home off of zillow, zillow would not change their policy. I am also thinking that the people who have asked where their homes are probably just want a zestimate.

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