I have been thinking about socks

Sock3Remember Fridays are for fun.  I mention that because I don’t want anyone to expect a clever story that ties socks and real estate together, even though they are related. . . somehow . .

For now all I have on my mind are socks.  I don’t need them much in the Summer but this time of year they are a must.  You can tell a lot about a person by their sock drawer.  If I were a psychiatrist I would skip the chit chat and just go for the socks. 

Socks are amazing the way they are purchased in pairs and then seem to take on a life of there own and do everything they can to go there own separate ways.  These days with life so hectic I just stopped caring about all that.  If they are from the same color family I wear them.

When my children were babies, I gave up on the whole sock pair thing.  The grand parents would ask why the child was wearing one pink sock and one blue sock.  I would explain that I had simply given up on the whole matching thing and that I had to do something so that the baby would not get cold feet.  I think that is what mothers are supposed to do.

The kids are past the age where I have to worry about their socks so I only have to think about my own.  After all these years I still don’t have a method for making sure that I have socks to wear and that they are at the very least from the same color family.

I used to speculate endlessly, wondering if it is the dryer that eats the socks or the washer, I think most of us have had that conversation with ourselves at some point.  It is tempting to watch both machines and see which one it is but I am not sure watching appliances would be gripping enough to keep me awake through the whole process.   Part of me wants to just find a way to solve the whole sock thing, yet I wonder how much time I should spend on such a frivolous endeavor. 

If I can just rise above it all and not think about socks I can think about something else, but if I don’t have socks that is all I can think about . . . to complicate the situation when I show houses I have to take my shoes off.  No one has ever commented on my socks but I know what they are saying behind my back.  " . . honey I really liked that last house, did you notice that the REALTORS socks were not from the same color family . . . he he he " . . Yes I did, I wonder what her sock drawer looks like . . ha ha ha

Have a great weekend, it is going to be warm.   Ask your boss to let you go home early today so that you can start organizing your sock drawer. 

Active Rain members there is no truth to the rumor started by boomer Jack that I threw out the toaster because I was hearing voices.  I did it because I thought it was stealing my socks.

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22 Replies to “I have been thinking about socks”

  1. This is a great blog! I decided years ago to stop matching my socks. It’s just a time consuming worry that I completely gave up on. In a year and a half of my current job as a personal banker, wearing suits and ties every day, only one person has noticed and he was a coworker.

  2. I actually think that there is a sock/dryer conspiracy theory and to tell you the truth – I wont have any of it. So in my home I buy all white socks same length same size for everyone. I will go and buy 6 packages and when one is missing the other one gets tossed away or used for dusting.

  3. I try to have fun socks on all the time. For example, right now it’s my Snoopy socks. The downside of this is that they have to match, which requires a lot of effort to keep them together. I’ve long thought that there is no force in the universe that can oppose a genuinely obsessive personality, and the force that steals socks off to another dimension is no match (pun intended).

  4. It’s only when your shoes don’t match that anyone cares. Mismatched socks are cool. Mismatched shoes make you eccentric.

  5. Linda – you are too funy. I once attended a meeting whith two identical pumps on except one was blue and the other black.

    Christine – I have admired you as a business woman and a collegue and suspected that you had your act together. I was just now that I figured out how awesome you really are.

    Erik – snoopy socks? More than I wanted to know. 🙂

  6. My wife and I buy each other socks for Christmas every year. Last year I got her some giraffe ones. 🙂

  7. Full body socks could be the answer. My 16 month old has the advantage of having his socks attached to his favorite and most comfortable sleep ware. One sleeper has the words WOW on each of the bottoms of his feet. My youngest daughter pointed out that it actually says MOM. Explaining to my kids that WOW is just MOM upside raised me to a super star level that day.

  8. “Have a great weekend, it is going to be warm. ”

    TB – please define “warm”…

  9. I buy a herd of socks now. Yes they came in mated pairs but I am hoping they will multiply if I do not demand monogamy of them. In early March I bought a herd of eight black and green argyles. The worst that can happen is my herd dwindles.

    Have a nice warm MN weekend Teresa.

  10. argyles Maureen? – I buy solid colors because it is easier to get them to at least look like they match. I admire your courage. I had some socks, two pair, that were black with small roses embroidered on them. Now that I only have one left I am wondering if I should send it to you to go with your argyles. I wrote this post so I could stop thinking about socks, you all have me deep in sock think land.

  11. Jay – the temperature could go as high as 67, for these parts in March that qualifies as a heat wave.

    Lar – you did not hit me as the kind of guy who has sock issues, I thought your personality quirks were limited to tubs and bugs. As for cyber bullies they are just regualr everyday bullies that are using a new more powerfull medium so that they can reach a larger audiance.

  12. How did I miss this sock post? And who would have thought to make an entire post about socks? I was into cool socks before cool socks were cool. We’re talking mid 80’s. It wasn’t so easy to find cool socks back then. It was like a hunting adventure then but now they are everywhere. I found a source at the College of the Desert Street Fair where you can buy cool socks 5 pair for $5. I buy a bunch on my annual trip. It doesn’t hurt so much when the dryer eats them because they’re cheap!

  13. carol – sock posts are easy to miss. They are as elusive as socks.

  14. Teresa: You’re right. They are easy to miss. It’s not a term one would normally place in the search box when browsing real estate blogs. Hmmm… now I’m going to go search steering wheels and see what comes up.

  15. How did this one get by me? Here is s site for all those lonely socks.


  16. I won’t ask. I don’t think my socks are lonely they just kind of hook up with someone from the same color family and start a new life. 🙂

  17. I knew there must be someone who thinks about socks as much as I do. I thought I had a problem. Now I realize there are others out there just like me. Before I drop them in the basket, I use a safety pin to keep them together in the wash. Okay, maybe I do have a problem.

  18. ah Teresa, you are inimitable. And you ROCK to boot =). I decided to stop feeding my dryer’s insatiable appetite for socks and moved to Miami. I don’t wear them anymore. A rather expense alternative to just cleaning up my act, I know, but I’ve got them off my tail now. 😉

  19. As a child I was told that missing socks were a communist plot. While Americans were busily looking for that missing partner, the communists were planning to “take over the country.” As an adult, I realized that it was just a joke, right?

  20. Helen Gynell says:

    Why is it when we lose one sock we keep the other one, no matter for how long, thinking the missing sock will just show up (which it will, but not until the day after we throw the other one away). Every time I do laundry I haul out the pile of single socks and line them up hoping for a match. It’s a little like 7th grade when the girls all stood together, backs to the wall, waiting to see if a boy would cross the room to ask us to dance. Mainly nobody dances. And the socks go back into the pile. When one does show up, it confirms my idea that it was good to hold on to all those socks all that time. To keep trying such is a waste of time-Must be my OCD!

  21. I bought new socks today. I planned ahead and bought two pairs of each design, so that when one from each pair wanders off I will still have a pair.

    I’ll let you know if this works.

  22. Sarah – I have tried that strategy . . nothing works for me I give up. No socks on right now but it is getting cold and soon I will have to deal with it.

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