Congratulations Sarah!

I know this is a real estate blog and I will get in trouble if she ever reads this. 🙂

Conratulations to Sarah Boardman!  First she graduated from the university of Minnesota, and then went and taught conversational English in Cherbourg France,

then she came back to Minnesota to pursue a masters degree in French Literature,

and is now a Ph.D. candidate,next she goes to Montpelier, where she will teach English Literature at a university, then it is back to the University of Minnesota to finish the Ph.D. 

– – when she told us about passing her exams for the M.A., and being a candidate for a Ph.D.  she said it all in one long sentence, without ever taking a breath, how does she do that?

Please don’t tell her I wrote about her on my blog, but she is just so amazing!  She has traveled all over Europe and has friends all over the world, and is smart too!  . . . oh yeah she is my daughter.

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2 Replies to “Congratulations Sarah!”

  1. Congrats to Sarah! Very cool. And you should be quite proud.

  2. Sarah Boardman says:

    Thanks Mom!

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