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31925776 Sorry you can’t look this one up in any glossary of real estate terms, but I can explain.  An appliance Realtor®, has a full time job in addition to being a Realtor®, they are nurses, flight attendants, teachers, managers and the list goes on.  I call them appliance Realtors® because they sell houses for a little extra money, maybe for a vacation, or for the handsome stainless steal Frigidaire refregerator in the picture, that can be purchased for a mere $5675.00.

Last week I wrote an offer on a home that is listed by an appliance agent.  It took a day for him to acknowledge that we had made an offer.  The home is bank owned, which complicates the situation a bit more.

There was no sellers disclosure in the home.   There was no St. Paul Truth in Housing report either.  The agent indicated that someone had removed the last of each from the property and he had not had time to make more copies and put them in the home.  He did manage to email me a copy of the sellers disclosure so that my buyer could see it before making an offer, but we have still not see the St. Paul Truth in housing report.

When I did finally reach him he let me know that he had six offers.  It took several days for him to submit the offers.  I asked him if any of the other offers were higher than ours.  He explained that he did not know because some included seller paid closing costs.  How can he not know which offer is the highest?  I can glance at several offers and tell which one is the highest.  I am not math genious, finding the magic number is simple addition and subtraction. 

When my client noticed that the price of the house had increased shortly after he made an offer I tried to call the agent.  I go no answer for an entire day.  I did something I have never done before, I called his manager, I know her we used to work for the same company.  She is the one that told me that the agent is often slow to return his calls because he has a full time job during the day, but that he would return my call in the evening. 

I left another message and sent another email, still no call back.  I left another message for his manager and finally did get a call back.  He assured me that the bank would evaluate the offers and if they were high enough we would not have to worry about the price increase.  Hard to figure out why it was raised.  Since the agent is the person that would have to fill out the paperwork, get it signed and turn it in to get the price increase in the MLS, he had to have known about it.  Why didn’t he call us all and let us know? – – He must have been at work that day.

What I really don’t understand is why a seller would hire an appliance Realtor®, what happens if someone wants to see the home and can only view it during the day?  What if a buyer calls the number on the sign and has to wait two days for a call back?

According to the Minnesota Association of Realtors®, there too many Realtors®, in the metro area and there is not enough business to support us all.  With so many full-time agents available, again I’ll ask why hire an appliance Realtor®?

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6 Replies to “Appliance Realtors”

  1. Finally! some insight on what all of those loney Maytag repairmen are doing.

  2. Teresa, Im totally with you on this. However, sadly, I have had deals with non “appliance” realtors, that are equally qualified.

    What really blows my mind is the consumers that work with agents like that and cant see through their lack of abilities.

    Maybe, maybe… a sign of a realtor that does business, is someone that can get deals done, and has an appliance resource? At least I would like to think so.


  3. I love the term “Appliance Realtors” however, I have to agree with Derrik … I wish it was only them that have these same communication skills.

    I had a busy weekend, all because of an “office error” from another agent — and now I’ve got a rejected offer and a very angry buyer.

    Oh well, today is a new day!

  4. Thanks Toby. A few weeks ago I had another agent (same company as myself) start tearing me apart because his client was upset. What he didnt realize was that his client was upset about something he didnt do, not me. As a listing agent, Im responsible to rep the seller, not quide the buyers agent along. Btw, it was this agents 2nd deal. And, because I try to help everyone, did in fact guide him along to some degree.

    But I couldnt help think 2 things.

    1. The horrible irony and amazing gull it takes to crit another agent that has years of experience and does tons o’ condos, v. the agent thats never sold a condo.

    2. How in the world did he explain to his own client that he was the one that screwed up?

    And, I really am not bashing new agents at all. In fact I am doing another deal, yep another condo deal, with a agent that is fairly new, and damn near one of the sharpest agents Ive dealt with.

  5. Teresa Boardman says:

    Nice discussion. I have met new realtors that are as good or better than more experienced realtors when it comes to communication. Some of the part-time realtors are wonderful too. I just don’t get the agents with the full-time jobs. I can even understand a full time agent having a part-time job.

  6. We call them secret agents.

    Now, now, dear. Remember our code of ethics. We’re not supposed to criticize our colleagues. Saying this would never do:

    Part time, full time, what have you. Some five percent or so of our colleagues are dumber than a box of rocks. Another five percent couldn’t pour water out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel.

    Where’s my lemonade?

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