Where is my front porch?

Yesterday I got a call from Larry Cragun, asking me to describe my dream home.  Not something I think about very often but it sounded like fun so I took a stab at it.  Larry, like a good REALTOR, told me that he would find it for me and post it on his blog, which he did this morning.  The beautiful home that he wanted me to have based on what I told him I would like is all wrong.    He found exactly what I asked for and it met every criteria I mentioned but is not the dream house that is in my imagination. 

Larryshouse_1 Larry either did not ask the right questions or I did not give him enough information or both.   We failed to communicate on some fundamental level.

I asked for a brick Italianate style home and he found it for me.  It has no porch, what was he thinking?  Would I ever consider living in a house that does not have a front porch?  I think not, nor would I ever purchase a car without a sunroof.   Larry doesn’t know this either because I failed to mention it or because he just doesn’t understand me. I thought dream houses just automatically had porches on them and did not even see it as anything extra or special.  Poor Larry he tried to find my dream home and I am irritated because I don’t understand how he could come up with this home that is just wrong.

It also has a fence across the front.  I am picky and I don’t want the fence but I can visualize the home without a fence and could just have it taken out.  My own home has a white picket fence but it does not go across the front of the house.  I want a home that looks inviting, the fence and hedges say keep out. When I talked with Larry I had a picture of what I wanted in my mind but somehow I failed to communicate that to him.  I can’t find the exact house I am picturing but this one comes a lot closer than the one Larry found for me.

Victorianitalianate Would I give up the dream of having a brick house, for a house with a porch?  Yup!  Did I ever say that I wanted a porch?  Nope.

I know Larry will do a good job as my REALTOR and my lender, he really does have my best interests at heart.  We are lucky that we can share these pictures over the internet because then he will have a better understanding of my likes and dislikes when it comes to really expensive dream homes.  He won’t even have to waste his time showing me the first home.

Since these homes are virtual and I can use virtual money, I can have anything I want and I still trust Larry as my REALTOR, after all I can not expect him to read my  mind.  The house in the picture is a bit ornate and ostentatious looking for my taste.  I like homes that are a little simpler, but I would even trade that for my porch.

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2 Replies to “Where is my front porch?”

  1. Teresa, that was a very interesting Real Estate study of ‘perception’ and ‘reality.’

  2. This is the reason why I put listings on my website seven years ago… šŸ˜†

    The buyers usually have a better idea of what they want than I do.

    I am a terrible mindreader.

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