T.W. gets her dish

9thstreetlofts_5  A  follow up on a post written last week, about my client T.W. who really needs to live in a condo where she can have a satellite dish

One of our readers lives in the 9th street lofts in downtown St. Paul.  He told us that they do have the dish.  We had been looking for a place in that building and found one. 

T.W. gets her dish!  The 9th street lofts are a little different in that everything seems to be ala-cart.  The dues are lower and do not include heating and cooling, they instead take the monthly bill and divide it up by square footage with each condo owner paying his or her fair share.

If I do the math and add the utility bill onto the dues, the monthly association dues are about the same as those in neighboring buildings.  Storage lockers if available, and parking spaces are also purchased separately.  T.W. does not have a car so parking is not a problem. 

The important this is that she got a unit that she loves, in a building that she loves and gets to have her satellite dish so she can enjoy sports shows and music.  9th street lofts also has cable so owners have some options.

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  1. I always love a happy ending!

    Good for T.W. !

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