This is cool and hot too!

Downtown condo association dues can seem pretty steep.  Some home buyers will look at the association dues and then move on to another area without looking at what downtown St. Paul as to offer as a great place to live.

Take a closer look at what the association dues provide,  buyers need to take into consideration that in many of the buildings the dues cover all the heating, cooling, electricity and hot water.  Most of downtown St. Paul uses  district energy.


District heating is reliable, green and less expensive than the natural gas used in most homes.  The system eliminates the need for boilers, and for smoke stacks or chimmeys on downtown buildings, because it is a closed system.  The facility consumes 280,000 tons of wood waste each year, helping to eliminate a significant urban disposal problem.

Heat is generated by hot water and cooling by cold water that is chilled during the night when electric energy costs are the lowest. The plant uses electricity and generates electricity that is sent back to Excel energy.

The big cloud of steam that can be seen on the river bluff by the science museum during the winter months is condensation from the heating plant.

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  1. When my partnership bought a commercial building in downtown St. Paul I had never heard of centralized heat. Imagine my surprise when I found out the City was heating our building!

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