Art & Cold


Gillette Children’s Hospital Mural on 4th and Wacouta in St. Paul, MN, the lowertown area of downtown St. Paul – December designs Inc.


St. Paul MN, is a wonderful place to live, just not today.  The air is cold and we will be down to -15 in the next few days.  We have had below zero wind chills for the past few days.  Please come back again, in about 10 days.  Most of the steam in the picture is coming from the downtown district heating plant.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I just posted more than 2000.  I did not have time to post because I need to take a four hour exam this morning,  and  thought it would be a good idea to at least look at the text book.  If I don’t pass the test I have to take it again, so I am highly motivated.

Have a great day, stay warm!

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3 Replies to “Art & Cold”

  1. Lar, stay away. Big hairy spiders only need a few seconds out side and they are no more. I would miss you so uch!

  2. Yeah, sure, it’s cold, but at least Al Franken’s running for senate:

    All we got was the lousy terminator.

  3. All the best for you exam and hope you are not going to write it again cos you have decided to read the book so that you pass in that exam.

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