10 Good Men – update!

As I announced last week the St. Paul Real Estate Blog would like to recognize 10  good men who have consumer oriented blogs, today I present 10 good men.    My origional criteria was that the blogs should be at least six months old, post on a regular basis and that the content  be consumer oriented and "low ego".   The six month requirement was removed because blogs are still new in our industry, and a few good men would have been left out.  I could write an entire post about each of our winners and maybe some day I will.
So here are 10 very good men

Josh Dorkin – Real Estate Investing For Real, The Bigger Pockets blog is among the top 5 in the nation, with advice and news for everyone interested in real estate.  Amazingly low in ego considering the size and reach of the blog.  Josh is a very nice person and is a good net citizen, helping and encouraging other blog writers.

Larry Cragun –Mortgages Undressed & RealEstateUndressed,  Larry is simply amazing, his blogs are favorites of Real estate agents and mortgage professionals nation wide.  His content is consumer oriented, but Larry can be very funny.  I have never met Larry in person but if he says it is time to lock, I would never question it.  He is also kind, thoughtful and openly supports, and encourages other blog writers.

Jonathan Miller –Matrix Blog, the blog is about the real estate economy, and is simply amazing, with charts and graphs, as Jonathan presents us with excellent information about the real estate economy.  He has an appraisal company giving him unique content and insight.

Doug Quance – Brokers First Realty Atlanta  It was Doug’s blog that made me re-think my rule that the winners have to have had a blog for at least six months.  Doug is providing local content for the area he works in.  Usefully information that consumers can use.  If I were looking for a home in the Atlanta area my first call would be to Doug.

Alex Stenback – Behind the Mortgage, I have actually met Alex in person.  He is just like his blog, smart, funny and a good man.  He has been writing his blog since 2003, and we could all learn from his work.  He has kept his content focused for years and shows us all that it can be done in an entertaining and informative way.  Please give us more!

Norm Fisher –Saskatoon Real Estate, Norm is new but you can not tell by reading his blog.  It took me several tries to get the pronunciation of his town but now it rolls off my tongue.  I want Norm to see this and be encouraged to keep it up, he is indeed one of the 10 good men and it shines through when I read his blog.

Noah RoseblattUrban Diggs, Noah and I have had no contact with each other.  His blog is one that inspired me to keep my blog focused on St. Paul and on Real estate.  When I read him, I feel like I am visiting NYC. 

Ed Rybczynski – Title-Opoly  Ed has a unique opportunity to provide content that can not be found anywhere else.  He is off to a good start and I want to encourage him not to stray, I see him being pulled to the dark side where blog posts are about other blog authors or other blog writers.  Yesterday I saw my own name on his blog, which is O.K., as the other excellent content keeps coming.

Erik Hare – Neighbor, friend, community activist and fellow small business owner with the new www.allsaintpaul.com .  He writes for me every Sunday, who is better qualified to write about St. Paul?  I am lucky he found me and has stuck around.  When I wake up on Sunday mornings his post is always there.

Jim DuncanReal Central VA – I follow about a 100 blogs, but missed this one.  He left a comment on this post and I followed it to a blog that is worthy of the 10 good men designation.  Jim’s blog is loaded with information and advice about the Charlottesville and Central Virgnia, now I have one more blog to read and I hope you do too.

I found many great blog writers in the real estate industry, all worthy of awards but not this one. I had difficulty finding blogs that are truly for consumers and not written for other industry bloggers.  As I clicked from web site to web site I found a lot of content about writing blogs, and about real estate technology.  These are written for others in the industry, and get a lot of attention from the industry, they are needed and most appreciated.

Friends sent me suggestions for who the award should be given to, but when I went to look at the blogs the first thing I saw was the post about Trulia that everyone wrote about yesterday and as I read more posts I could see that most of the information posted was for people like me looking for industry news and not for people looking for real estate or mortgage information.

I know that there are more good men out there that I am missing and am embarrassed that I failed to find 10 good men.  This post took more research and longer to write than any other.  It is hard to post because it is not my intention to offend any of the great writers out there that I read daily and will do a follow up post on February 10th to honor my 10 favorites, written by both women and men.

Please help me find my missing man.

Update!  I just found my 10th Man, Jim Duncan Real Central Va


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18 Replies to “10 Good Men – update!”

  1. Hey Teresa, This is very cool! Thanks so much for including me on your 10 Good Men list. I do appreciate the encouragement very much.

    Your blog is one of many which I visit daily and I’ve been inspired by your consumer related content. That is really what I’d like to focus on. I love many of the blogs which target professionals but I find I can get my fix by reading and commenting on those.

    A thank-you goes out to you and other professionals in the community who have made me feel welcome and have been open to sharing ideas with a noob.

    Congratulations to the other guys on your list. It looks like I’ve got a few new blogs to check out today. I’ll add them to my reader this morning.

  2. I am truly honored.

    I can only hope that I am worthy.

    I enjoy your blog nearly every day, and now you have given me some new blogs to check out.

    Thank you for your acknowledgment. It really does mean a lot to me. 🙂

  3. Wow! Like the others, I am humbled by you Teresa. You have been one of my favorite real estate bloggers, as you, like many of us mentioned in your post, focus on the consumer. In the end, that is who I am writing for.

    Thank you for this kind honor. I, like Doug, hope that I am worthy of your accolades.

    BTW – Most of the others you mention are on my hot list as well!

  4. What an outstanding list, all of whom are outstanding writers and thinkers. Matter of fact, I’ve just subscribed to a couple new feeds, thanks to your list.

  5. Cristy De La Cruz says:

    This is great, Teresa. I know it means a lot to Erik too. It’s been really fun to help brainstorm ideas for posts too.

  6. *Excellent* list Teresa!! I put in my New Year’s Blogolutions to do more local content. These 10 good men will help.


  7. Thanks teresa! I am consumer-driven but “low ego” is a stretch. 😉 Keep up the great work. Always a pleasure to read your blog.

  8. Great list, Theresa! This is super cool.

  9. Ummm… I mean “Teresa”. 🙂

  10. Thanks for introducing the world at large to some of these blogs. Maybe I can aspire to be the 11th good man someday.
    Sort of like the crowd is often considered the 6th man at a basketball game.
    Hmmm. Probably should have had a real estate related quip, not sports.
    Keep up the good work Teresa.

  11. Joe – Your blogs is worthy of a ten good men award. You have been at it for months and your content is excellent. I missed you and I am sorry, your blog deserves a 10. I created the award because blogs like yours and mine written for consumers don’t get awards. I know my clients and neighbors appreciate it, and I love the email and phone calls I get from my readers, but in 14 months of writing for St. Paul re I have never been nominated for or recieved a blog award.

  12. Wow a blog from a title rep. Now there’s a blog you don’t see everyday.

  13. I really enjoyed this conversation. Keep up the great work.

  14. Love your blog — and that graphic is well … classic.

    I’m just picturing the “10 Bag Guys Blog Awards” as a similar image with a bottle of beer and a bag of pork rinds?

    Have a great one! Toby

  15. Teresa, You can no longer claim to have not received a “blog” award with the notoriety you received this last week. Congratulations to you, my friend, competitor, and mentor!

  16. Hey T!
    You blog star! I was so impressed with Noah. Being that Miami Beach is considered the sixth borough to NYC, he should have been on my radar……things sometime get by.

    He impressed me, big time!

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