Local Market Pie


I thought it would be interesting to take the November home sales numbers for St. Paul Minnesota and put them on a pie chart.  The number of homes listed in November is down slightly from last November.  The number of sales and pending sales are also down slightly from last November.  Average home prices are up slightly from last year.

The number of expired and canceled listings is up.  Some home owners are taking their homes off the market, many of these homes will be put back on the market next Spring.  It seems to me, and maybe I am missing something, but if these home owners want to sell their homes they should leave them on the market because they will sell faster if they are listed and marketed.  Next week I will post sales and sale prices by neighborhood for November 2006.

The numbers are the chart were generated using data from the RMLS for the month of November 2006.  The data is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. currently, on December 7, 2006 there are 1862 homes on the market in the city of Saint Paul, MN

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One Reply to “Local Market Pie”

  1. You’re right, Teresa… if the Sellers want to sell – waiting until Spring gives them no benefit.

    For openers, there will not only be more Buyers in the Spring… there will be more inventory, as well.

    The best thing they can do is put their property in competitive condition at a competitive price and keep it in good showing condition.

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