Happy Halloween!

The votes are in for the first annual virtual pumpkin carving contest winners.  There are two entries tied for first place:
(G)sellsius° pumpkin and (F)Mary Cutting-McKnight RSS Pieces, each with 22.1% of the votes.
There are two entries tied for second place:

(B)Maureen McCabe  Columbus Best Blog and (I)Medford Ambrose Active Rain, each with 15.8% of the votes. 

There are two entries tied for third place:
(D)Jay Merton Cyber Cafe Conversations  and (J) Lisa Dunn Active Rain both with 10.5% of the votes.

I think that everyone who participated is a winner and want to thank the participants  The contest did not go as I expected.  Before I set it up I looked for a "how to0"  book or at least a good article on the subject and found none.  I made it up as I went along.   – Click to see all entries.

Be sure to check out the carnival or scary real estate stories hosted by the real estate tomato.  The tomato knows how to host a carnival so it should be fun!

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4 Replies to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Maureen McCabe says:

    Thanks for the fun Teresa. You are right they are all good!
    Thanks your, we really enjoyed having the little pig come all the
    way from Columbus Ohio for a visit. It got cold here so is stay here
    was a little chilly but we did give him a warm reception because he
    traveled so far!

  2. jf.sellsius says:

    I had to step out of the matrix to thank you Teresa and the voters for this award we happily share with REBlogGirl.
    …I’m off to meet Alice for that tea party…now where did I put that blue pill?

  3. rudolph d. bachraty III says:

    tereasa – thank you for hosting such a fun contest. i can’t believe we were selected as a favorite. quite an honor.

    all the best,


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