Safety Alert

Warning An alert sent out by the St. Paul Area Association of Realtors:

Recently, a seller in the Twin Cities was approached by a man posing as an agent, asking to preview her home. She allowed him into her home and was assaulted and raped.

We urge you to consider your safety and the safety of your clients during every transaction.

Let your clients know that they should never allow a stranger into their home without having made prior arrangements. 

Also remind your clients that you will contact them directly to confirm a time for another agent to preview or show the home.

We cannot stress enough how important safety is. There have been increased crime activity related to open houses, etc. These crimes can be prevented or avoided with the right safety precautions.

Read some safety tips on Bonnie Erickson’s blog.

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One Reply to “Safety Alert”

  1. The rape robbery of a real estate agent in Alameda County, California reveals just how vulnerable female real estate agents are. The suspect in this crime had been advised by a fellow inmate prior to his release from prison, that real estate agents are easy pickins. They have a car, money and are usually alone in a house. They can even pick which one they want by the photos on their for sale signs.
    I have over 30 years experience as a sex crime investigator on a large police dept. and I would advise every agent to have a personal protection product with them at all times. All my real estate agent friends carry the pepper spray pen or a stun gun cell phone. Be safe, not sorry and be careful.

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