First Post

I never wrote that first all important post.   I just dived in and got started because I had no idea what I was doing.  This is being written in September of 2006, more than 9 months after I started this blog.    Bloggers should have goals, systems and plans so that the content stays on track.  There are many abandoned blogs out there where the blogger gave up after two or three months.  There are others where the posts are infrequent. 

Some bloggers blog alone, they never read other blogs, some do not allow comments on their blogs.  Even if they do keep it going they end up with few regular readers.

I never had a goal or a mission when I started this.  My blog is like my life, it is a journey not a destination and I have never really had a plan.  I do have a business plan and this blog fit in nicely.

The biggest challenge in all this has been coming up with content, finding time to write, writing, and finding my voice.  I am not a writer but have a lot of knowledge about St. Paul and experience in real estate that I have a strong desire to share.

The whole experience has been most rewarding.  I have made new friends and helped others.  I teach a class for real estate professionals on blogs and internet marketing.  At least 8 of my clients have found me  through this blog. 

We now have multiple authors and a decent number of readers.  I am very much enjoying the journey and learning as I go, and now have a mission, to grow St. Paul Real Estate, by continually improving and increasing the content.

So now I have written that all important first post.

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  1. Teresa, I am a broker here in Manassas, Va and have been for the last 6-8 months considering a blog. I have been in the RE biz for many yrs and very knowledgeable about RE and the Manassas area. I love what I do as well as helping people. Bottom line is RE is my life. I can talk for hours about the biz but…. every time I think I’m 2 steps closer to starting a blog it scares the pants off me. I guess the real problem is that I dont really know what Im doing. Control frek here. I look at your site along with many others and wonder how do they get all those links to other bloggers, advertiser, ….. any advice? Or do I just need to get a platform and then just jump right in, like everything else I do?

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