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The aging in place myth

I used to believe that people could age in place if they planned ahead and found the right kind of housing. I now know that aging in place is a myth except for those who drop dead or who die

First Time Home Buyers

Think before you garden

  When we first moved into our house there wasn’t much growing on the lot and I was all excited about getting to plant a garden and about doing some landscaping. I made some major landscaping mistakes that I am

For Home buyers

Unmotivated buyers and sellers

What happens when the buyer does not need to buy and the seller does not have to sell? Simple there is no sale. At least one party needs to be motivated or the whole thing kind of caves in. I


Don’t let your license expire

Attention real estate agents and brokers. Lets not forget that Continuing education or what we lovingly refer to as CEU’s are due by the end of June and some real estate companies require that agents get it done even sooner.

For Home buyers

Contracts for deed

Back when interest rates were sky high “contracts for deed” were popular then when the rates went way down, and lending standards were low buying a home on a contract for deed was not as attractive as an option. Now


Server issues

Last weekend this site was moved from one server to another because of a malware attack.  Although the site has come back on line and can be seen it is not working properly which is why I have not written


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