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The man in lights

Walk light is on Some drivers have a hard time seeing the “walk” sign.  They pull into the cross walk and look to their left as they signal to take a right turn.  They never look or see me standing


Real estate market snap shot

 The St. Paul Real estate market today.  The inventory of homes on the market is slowly going up.  Average sale time for a St. Paul home is less than three months at about 69 days.  NorthstarMLS Matrix It is great


But my agent is out of town . . .

flag It happens every fourth of July weekend.  Someone will call me on the fourth of July and ask to see a home that is for sale. When I ask them if they have an agent they will say that


Big news this week

 It is Friday and Fridays are for fun and the biggest thing that happened this week is Instagram now has video. The videos are like those “vine” videos accept we can apply nifty filters to them.  I was able to


Happy Easter

I’ll be back on Monday writing stuff about real estate and about St. Paul Minnesota.   Tulips


Facebook friends and real estate

I wrote about this last year and the post gets a lot of traffic so I decided it would be a good idea to post it again.  I used to advise sellers to watch what they say about selling their


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