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Yes interest rates remain low

It has been all over the news. Interest rates will not be raised this time around. Actually right now I am very happy that I bought those savings bonds on the late eighties and early nineties because they are not


Red Flag

Found on the Minnesota Department of Commerce web site: “RED FLAG – Agents who are difficult to contact or do not regularly communicate with the consumer       An agent who has your best interests in mind should be


Paying for rudeness

Sometimes condo associations hire management companies to take over the tasks involved in running an association like collecting monthly dues, managing the bank coordinating repairs and construction projects and managing and storing all those condo documents. Part of the sale

General Real Estate News

Radon awareness

My apologies for the dull topics this week but I am finding that there are people, even real estate agents who do not seem to be aware of the laws concerning radon and real estate transactions. Tomorrow I may write



Yesterday I wrote about new construction. Today I am writing about renovating some old houses in the little Bohemia neighborhood which is also part of the West 7th neighborhood. The Fort Road Federation is the developer and they have decades of


This is what April looks like

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Compared with last winter this winter has been a walk in the park. Sure it is cold out right now but we actually had a January thaw and we only had a


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