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Just passing through

Many west 7th street businesses do not want a light rail line running down the middle of West 7th street. I am not in favor of it either for several reasons. I have attended a few of the public meetings and

General Real Estate News

Vacant lots for sale

The city of Saint Paul Has 27 vacant lots for sale. Fill out and application by May 20th 2016 and you too could become a land owner. In the real estate business we call it buying dirt. Here is how


two signs of spring

An almost wordless Wednesday. I actually used one of the bikes yesterday. it was a little chilly but survivable. There are a few sidewalks and street blocked off due to construction. They are likely to stay that way until the

Historic Homes

What is “Pullman style”?

They were built in the early 1900’s as apartments and today some are apartments and others have been turned into condos.  They can be found mainly in mainly in the Crocus Hill and Summit University areas, which are older neighborhoods

St. Paul MN

St. Paul Sidewalks

Every year there is a poem writing contest and poems that are written by St. Paul residents are selected for sidewalks. Since the contest is held in the Fall now is a great time to start working on a poem.

General Real Estate News

Houses available for rehab

I thought that headline would get some attention. The City of Saint Paul is accepting bids on properties available for rehab through the “Inspiring Communities Program”.  People have expressed an interest in buying the homes but they are not sold


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