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Almost wordless Wednesday


Light pollution

When I travel sometimes I get to see stars. You know those little lights in the sky at night. That isn’t possible where I live. In addition to the numerous street lights there are people who leave their outdoor lights

Local Market Conditions & home prices

Commentary on the housing inventory

The table above is a snapshot of activity in the real estate market over the last 7 days. There are only 843 homes on the market in St. Paul and 130 of those already have offers on them. Inventory levels

St. Paul MN

Local elections today

Local elections today in Minnesota at a polling place near you. If you don’t know where you are no one can help you figure out where to vote but it you do know where you are you can use the

First Time Home Buyers

Backyard chickens

Real estate is local and so are the regulations regarding backyard chickens. The regulations are at the city level. In some Minnesota cities backyard chickens are not allowed. In others they are only allowed on acreage.  In St. Paul chickens

St. Paul MN

A few more nice rides

The nice ride bikes will be put away on November 1st. I am going to have to see how many rides I can get in between they go. I like to ride them downtown to CoCo. It is downhill all the way. I


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