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More historic preservation

People don’t always consider businesses when they think of historic preservation. This business restored the iconic sign that has been a kind of landmark in the area for decades. They did a wonderful job and it looks like a cleaner


Taking a walk

This is one of the little stone houses in St. Paul.  The Martin Weber house at 202 McBoal street was built in 1867, which makes it one of the older houses in St. Paul but not the oldest on the

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Beautiful city

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. All I have to offer today is a photograph. I took it a couple of weeks ago from Indian Mounds Park, east of downtown St. Paul. There are many places along the

St. Paul MN

Happy Father’s day

My dad is 87.  A few months ago I had to move him to a nursing home.  I brought him some donuts instead of a neck tie. Happy father’s day to all the fathers out there young and old.


Sidewalk dining

I wanted to do a “wordless Wednesday” but I am not very good at the wordless part. There is sidewalk dining and outdoor patio dining all around St. Paul. The picture is of E. 6th street in downtown St. Paul


Wildflower hunting

I have always enjoyed what I call wildflower hunting. As a child I remember walking down the dirt road near the cabin and into the woods just to see what see blooming. There are plenty of places right here in


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Photos of St. Paul
Photos of St. Paul

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