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St. Paul MN

New construction

There has always been new construction in the city. The house I live in was built in 1858 and my neighbors house two doors down and across the street was built in the 1940’s. There is a home around the

St. Paul MN

On thin ice

I feel like I am in a celebratory mood today because it is the last day of February, which means we probably only have six to ten more weeks of brutally cold weather. Because of the longer days and sunshine

St. Paul MN

Throwback Thursday

Ye old power plant. Built in the 1920’s and obsolete before it was ever used. At one point it was going to be turned into condos but there were all sorts of issues . . . like the river that

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Getting a real estate license

This is the time of year when i get a lot of email about becoming a real estate agent and the first step in that process is getting a license. To some folks the cost of classes and getting a license

St. Paul MN

The old power plant

Throwback Thursday seems like a great excuse for a short blog post and a picture. The  photo was taken in 2007 of the sunset over the Mississippi River with a nice silhouette of the High Bridge and the High bridge  plant

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Where is crime?

Crime happens. I don’t know of any city that is crime free. Sometimes homebuyers see a home with an elaborate alarm system and it paints a picture of burglaries and other crimes. My family has had cars broken into and in

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