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Into the woods

If you have not explored it yet check out Lilydale regional park. It is particularly beautiful in the fall too. The park is along the Mississippi river west of Harriet Island Regional park. Over the last couple of years the

Lofts, Condos & Townhouses

Read the rules

Anyone who wants to buy a condo in Minnesota is allowed to review the condo documents including the bylaws, rules, covenants and financial statements before committing to the purchase. There is a ten day rescission period, which means that any offer


Evening walks

I like to take a walk in the evening and I make time for it one way or another. I don’t want to miss out on the two months of warm weather we get here in the north. I like



A six-story, two-building complex combining a hotel, market-rate apartments, townhomes, retailers and up to 300 parking stalls could soon replace the Ace Seven Corners Hardware Store on West Seventh Street. Right now we have a closed sidewalk and demolition.

General Real Estate News

Small houses on small lots

The great recession left plenty of scars in St. Paul. In some neighborhoods it also left vacant lots. Yes the lots are small and they had small houses on them that were razed at some point after the owners stopped paying

Historic Homes

So many vacant lots

The great recession and the crash of the housing market left scars all over the West 7th neighborhood. Drive down the streets near this lot on Douglas street and see vacant lots in between the houses. Some have been purchased


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Photos of St. Paul

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