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The American foursquare

I grew up in a house like this and I can find them in almost all St. Paul neighborhoods.  The home in the picture was an NSP (neighborhood stabilization program)  The program started in 2009 and uses some  tax dollars


The American Dream Lives

Last week some clients of mine closed on this home.  They have been searching for a place to live and to call their own.  They did not buy it as an investment in anything other than their future together as

First Time Home Buyers

Congratulations to Matt

Matt is a first time home buyer and he closed on this home a couple of weeks ago.  Matt came to me with his financing in place and a lot of questions.  His questions were the right ones.  They were

For Home buyers

Congratulations to Horacio and Sara

In order to take a look at this content, you need a Flash Player plugin.Please install Flash Player from the Flash Website. posted by (C)T Moving is never easy, and neither is finding the right home.  Congratulations to Horacio and

For Home buyers

Sold data released

How much a home sold for is public information and is available through tax records and is printed in the local paper each Wednesday.  Now anyone with Internet access can search through all homes that have been sold in the


Congratulations to the Franks

Congatulations to the Franks on the sale of their South St. Paul home.  We wish you all the best! You were wonderfull to work with, your home was immaculate for every showing, making my job that much easier.  Thank you!


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