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Two much stuff

I still have too much stuff even though I have been on a mission to have less stuff. When I meet with people who are trying to move or to downsize they are often stressed out about how much stuff


The mail box

In recent months I have spent quite a bit of time at the home of my ancient parents. I have developed a whole new awareness of how we treat our oldest citizens.  Each month they receive solicitations from non-profits. They

For Boomers

Do baby boomers move?

  It is fascinating to read articles about baby boomers and moving.  Traditionally the age group that current boomers are in doesn’t really move around that much.   Younger people are far more likely to move. In general older people do not

For Boomers

Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, In home care

  Housing and housing options change as we age and no matter how well we  plan ahead we probably don’t plan to have an accident and become instantly physically and mentally impaired.  If you have parents in their 70’s or 80’s

For Boomers

The right house for seniors

Sometimes people move because when they get older they don’t want to climb stairs every day they want to live all on one level.  One level homes are becoming more popular as we age.  The idea of aging in place

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For Boomers

Do you live in a NORC?

neighborhood  The first time I heard the term “NORC” was a couple of years ago at the West 7th Community Center.  I had to stop the meeting and ask for a definition.  NORC is an acronym for Naturally Occurring Retirement

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