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Wild Flowers

One of the many things I love about St. Paul is that there are wild areas right in the city or close to it. Yesterday I went to Battle Creek Regional park where I knew I could find some of


The other downtown

On Friday my daughter got married right in downtown St. Paul. The short ceremony was held at the Union Depot and then we had a lovely dinner and some wine at Christo’s also in the Union Depot, and then went across the street


At least 144 parks

From Alden Square to Xinia Triangle there are at least 144 parks in St. Paul. Some of the parks are on acres and acres of land and others are little patches of land along busy streets. Some parks have a sculpture


Touring the Capitol Building

 As I mentioned last week I have been doing some tourist type things with a niece who is living with us and is new to the area.  It is like seeing St. Paul for the first time.  Last week we


At the lake

 We have so many wonderful city parks in St. Paul and over the years I have taken quite a few photographs of them. I like living in the city but I also like to be near lakes and woods and the


Parks provide endless photo opps

 So many of the photos on this site were taken in our beautiful city parks.  This one was taken in Lilydale regional parks which one of the most beautiful parks as it has not been totally developed.  There is heavy


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