December photos

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I have taken a few photographs this holiday season and I thought I would share a couple for fun and as a reminder that there are things to do and places to go in downtown St. Paul during the holidays.

Looking West along 4th Street – Lower town

It is nice to see the “1” all lit up on the first bank building again. There is a European type outdoor market at the Union Depot and of course train rides on the North Pole Express.

These photos are supposed to have snow in them. The snow is on it’s way.

Taken with the wrong lens

Taken with the wrong lens

The picture above is one that I found on our MLS of a cancelled listing.  I intentionally blurred it. The blue arrows point to the rest of the frame that the photo should fill. Home sellers need to understand that there really isn’t any aspect of marketing a home for sale that is more important than photography.

It is common to see “room parts” on our MLS as agents like to use iPhones and small cameras that do not have wide angle lenses.

In addition to being the wrong size the photograph is also way too dark and it doesn’t make the room look at all appealing. Apparently the real estate agent and the home owner just don’t care or maybe they never noticed. Potential home buyers do notice as they search the internet looking for the perfect home.

Commercial quality photography leads to higher sales prices. Why don’t these home owners and their agents use high quality commercial photography?

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Photography is for marketing