• Friday fun
  • Downtown in the spring

    It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Spring is by far my busiest time of the year. I don’t get to go outside and play nearly as often as I would like. I like to walk instead of driving just so I have some time to myself to enjoy the season.  I see so many things when I am walking that I wouldn’t really notice if I drove.  Here is a collage of photos I took on my walk from my home near Irvine Park to CoCo (my office) in downtown St. Paul.. . . yup it was fun.


    downtown St. Paul
  • Photos
  • House fires

    Last night a neighbors house caught fire. It served a a reminder that houses can burn quickly. I happened to see the fire start and by the time I dialed 911 a small fire outside of the home was attacking the siding.

    It is also important to know your neighbors. We all knew there were pets inside the house and they all made it out safely. No one was home or inside the house when the fire started.

    fire fighters
    Saint Paul Fire Fighters
    fire fighters
    fire trucks
    fire trucks
  • Boardman Realty
  • More perfect pictures

    Our MLS (Multiple listing service)  made some enhancements so we can upload more photos and higher resolution photos. The data and photos are fed to numerous web sites where home buyers are lurking and waiting for the perfect home to come on the market.

    We are happy to announce three major new photo enhancements for NorthstarMLS!

    • We have increased the maximum number of photos per listing from 18 to 24.

    • We have increased the maximum photo resolution from 640×480 to 1024×768. Potential buyers will see your beautiful photos in more detail! Be sure to adjust your camera settings or inform your photographer.

    • Uploading a photo that’s not right-side up? Now you can quickly rotate it within Add/Edit with the click of a button.

    Unfortunately local real estate agents will continue take some pretty lousy pictures and now there will be more of them and most won’t be upside down.  Actually I am pretty excited about it. I know that high quality property photos result in higher offers on the homes for sale that are advertised on the internet. Savvy home sellers know that high quality photography will help their bottom line more than a cut rate commission or a bunch of open houses.

  • Neighborhoods
  • The neighborhood with the turrets

    What is  Turret? A small tower kind of like a castle would have. The Queen Anne style houses that were built during the victorian era in the late 1800s often had turrets. The houses were ornate and were made possible because the parts could be mass-produced.  Prior to that period most everything was hand crafted.

    I don’t have any exact numbers but I am going to go out on a limb and say that if you want to own a home with a turret your best bet is probably the Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood on the East Side pf St. Paul. There are homes with turrets in the oldest parts of St. Paul near downtown but it seems like the biggest concentration of them is East of downtown.

    Victorian homes
    turrets – Dayton’s Bluff