Bee food and butterfly habitat

Please leave the milkweed that may be growing in your yard alone. To some it is a weed but to bees it is a much needed food source and it is the where the monarch butterflies lay their eggs. The plant provides food for the caterpillars that will eventually become butterflies.

honey bee and milkweed

We often replace native plants with the few varieties we find in nurseries. We need to grow more native plants for pollinators.


Winter isn’t what it used to be


I am not complaining but last winter was a bit wimpy by Minnesota standards. I found scilla  blooming along an alley in Saint Paul on Sunday. (The blue flowers above) Home sales are brisk, partly because of the warmer weather.  The picture was taken downtown in mid-April a few years ago. Let’s hope that this April is kinder.

Green bikes – 6th street