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. . and the river rises

The Mississippi river at downtown St. Paul expected to crest on Thursday and close to 20 feet.  Already above flood stage closing roads and flooding parks and bike paths. It is a smelly flood too


The Mighty Mississippi

Welcome to the first day of summer in St. Paul where we will experience spring flooding. The river is rising because of all the rain. Yes it has been all over the news. This is what the river looked like


Our cute little downtown

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I really do love our little downtown and it keeps getting better. We now have wider sidewalks on E 6th street so that people can eat at tables on the sidewalk while


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Yes there will be a parade.  It starts at noon today on 5th and Broadway (lowertown) in downtown St. Paul and travels west along 5th to beautiful Rice park.  Rain or shine or snow or blizzard the parade must go


LRT Construction March 2012

It has only been four long years but it seems like the light rail construction has been going on forever.  Here is a picture from early march 2012 . . it was actually warm enough to go outside that day


I love St. Paul

There just isn’t anything like crashed ice.  This was taken during the team competition qualifiers.  When one of the skaters falls there are like a zillion photographers on hand to photograph the fall.  They move so darn fast . .


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Photos of St. Paul
Photos of St. Paul

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